Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the use of Web Analytics Tech, a self-hosted web analytics tool.

Data Collection and Handling

Web Analytics Tech does not collect, store, or have access to the data users collect or analyze. Users collect and manage their data, which may include website traffic data and other analytics.

User Data Control and Ownership

Users retain full control and ownership of all data they collect using the Software. It is the user’s responsibility to manage this data, including its collection, storage, protection, and compliance with relevant data protection laws.

Data Processing by Users

Users who collect data from end-users should have their own privacy policies, detailing how they process and use this data. Users are responsible for ensuring their data collection practices comply with applicable laws and regulations, including international data protection laws.

User Responsibilities

Users are responsible for adhering to local and international data protection laws. Users must secure the data they collect and are responsible for ethical data handling.

Data Security

While Web Analytics Tech incorporates security measures, data security is primarily the user’s responsibility.

Third-Party Links

Disclaimer regarding the privacy practices of third-party sites linked through the Software or its distribution platform.

Compliance with Laws

Commitment to comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning privacy and data protection.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The right to modify this policy and how users will be informed of these changes.

Contact Information

For questions related to this privacy policy, please contact us.