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Web Analytics

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webanalytics.tech is a self-hosted analytics solution built with Node.js and PostgreSQL. It is designed for developers who want to have full control over their data, privacy and infrastructure.

Analytics features

The list is not definite as we'll continue adding new features

  • Unique visits, Page views
  • Live visitors, Bounce Rate
  • Top Referrers, Top pages
  • Country and Language
  • Screen type and Resolution
  • OS, Browser
  • Bots detection
  • Howto guide

Find a plan that's right for you

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For companies building websites for many clients
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  • Up to 100 sites
  • Unlimited pageviews
  • Source-code
  • Self-host guide
  • Free updates for minor versions
  • 50% discount for new major version
Most Popular
For developers and solopreneurs
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  • Up to 50 sites
  • Unlimited pageviews
  • Source-code
  • Self-host guide
  • Free updates for minor versions
  • 70% discount for new major version
For platforms with many users
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  • Unlimited users / pages
  • Unlimited pageviews
  • Source-code
  • Self-host guide
  • E-mail support
  • Free updates for minor versions


Do I need coding knowledge to use this product?

YES! webanalytics.tech is intended for software developers. Familiarity with running Node.js applications is required.

What does the installation process look like?

The installation process is straightforward. Simply update the configuration file, and then run few npm commands. That's all! You can check our Howto page for details.

What tech stack is used?

Our application utilizes Express.js, with PostgreSQL for the database, and htmx for the frontend. It is designed for self-hosting, ensuring you have complete control.

On how many websites I can use web analytics?

Feel free to deploy our analytics on any number of websites, as there's no upper limit. However, we encourage purchasing an additional license to support development and maintenance. Note that the limit for the Companies plan is set at 50 sites, whereas the Developers plan allows up to 100 sites.

Is there a hosted version?

Currently, we do not offer a hosted version. Our focus is on providing self-hosted analytics solution.

What is the difference between pricing plans.

The only difference lies in the user base. The price is higher for companies and platforms due to increased usage, though the software remains identical across all plans.

What are platforms?

Platforms refer to web services managing multiple websites or profiles. For instance, if you operate a website builder with numerous sites and run analytics for each, a platform license would be applicable.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Payments are securely processed through Lemon Squeezy.